What is Carplus?

At Carplus, we make it easy to compare a wide choice of car finance deals from a range of trusted lenders. Our goal is to help customers find and finance their next car online.

It all started in 2016 with just two people in a small office in London. It was here the car finance website created and then revolutionised the way we find and finance used cars online. Now thousands of customers use Carplus to get their car and finance it every month.

Our values

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We're completely free

We find a car finance deal for your budget and don’t charge you anything for our expertise.

We save you money

We work with most lenders and aim at getting you the lowest possible APR on market.

To the stars

We’re quick

It only takes you 1 minuteto apply online and get instant car loan approval from us.


Buy entirely online

Choose from our range of high-quality cars or finance any car from any dealer online.

Carplus team

Having a happy, knowledgeable and customer-friendly car finance team is important to keeping our car loan customers happy. We believe our people are truly exceptional individuals.

Who sits on Carplus’s panel of lenders?

We work closely with a number of car finance companies and lenders with the aim to provide competitive car loan deals for every customer. We currently work with following lenders

This allows us to access and compare over 100 car finance deals, which means we’re able to help our customers from a wide variety of credit scores.

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Customer Reviews

Our success story


Partnered Close Brothers Motor Finance and Specialist Motor Finance

We celebrate our 50thteam member

The sky is the limit


Carplus in founded by Roman Danaev in a studio flat near Gatwick


Partnered with Advantage Finance and Moneybarn

Rented the first office near Gatwick

Team grew to 5 people