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At Carplus, we understand the appeal of Mitsubishi cars and offer a wide selection of quality, used Mitsubishi vehicles on financing terms that cater to every budget. Mitsubishi cars are renowned for their reliability, performance, and advanced features, making them an excellent choice for those in search of a dependable and stylish vehicle. Whether you're looking for a compact hatchback, a versatile SUV, or a practical sedan, Carplus provides Mitsubishi finance for you in the UK.

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Popular Mitsubishi models on finance

Mitsubishi has a range of popular models in the UK that cater to different preferences and lifestyles. Here are a few standout models:

Mitsubishi Outlander: The Mitsubishi Outlander is a spacious and versatile SUV that appeals to families and outdoor enthusiasts. With its generous cargo space, comfortable seating, and advanced safety features, the Outlander is a reliable companion for long journeys or weekend getaways.

Mitsubishi ASX: The Mitsubishi ASX is a compact SUV designed for urban living. It offers a stylish exterior, agile handling, and a comfortable interior. The ASX is perfect for those who value practicality, fuel efficiency, and modern technology in a smaller package.

Mitsubishi L200: The Mitsubishi L200 is a robust pickup truck that combines ruggedness with comfort. It is well-suited for both work and leisure, offering a spacious cabin, impressive towing capacity, and off-road capabilities. The L200 is an ideal choice for those who need a versatile vehicle for both daily use and adventure.

Why finance a Mitsubishi?

There are several compelling reasons why people choose to buy Mitsubishi cars in the UK:

  1. Reliability: Mitsubishi vehicles have a reputation for exceptional reliability, which means you can have peace of mind knowing that your car is built to last.
  2. Performance: Mitsubishi cars are known for their powerful engines and responsive handling, providing an enjoyable driving experience on various road conditions.
  3. Advanced Features: Mitsubishi models often come equipped with advanced features such as touchscreen infotainment systems, smart safety technologies, and fuel-efficient engines, ensuring that you stay connected, safe, and economical on the road.
  4. Popularity: Mitsubishi cars have gained popularity in the UK due to their reliability, practicality, and stylish design. They have a strong presence on the roads and enjoy a loyal customer base.

Mitsubishi PCP finance deals

If you're considering financing a Mitsubishi, Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) finance is a flexible and popular option. PCP allows you to drive a new or used Mitsubishi by paying monthly installments over a fixed term. At the end of the agreement, you have the option to either return the car, exchange it for a new model, or pay the remaining value to own the vehicle outright. Carplus offers competitive Mitsubishi PCP finance deals, providing you with the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of Mitsubishi ownership with manageable payments.

Mitsubishi HP finance deals

Hire Purchase (HP) finance is another option available to finance a Mitsubishi. With HP, you make fixed monthly payments over a predetermined term, and once all the payments are made, you become the owner of the car. Carplus offers Mitsubishi HP finance deals, enabling you to spread the cost of your chosen Mitsubishi model and ultimately own the vehicle outright.

Can I apply for bad credit Mitsubishi finance?

At Carplus, we understand that financial circumstances can vary, and we strive to help individuals with all credit histories, including those with bad credit. We have specialist lenders who can offer finance options for Mitsubishi cars, even if you've experienced financial difficulties in the past. We believe everyone deserves a chance to drive their dream car, and our team is dedicated to finding the right finance solution for you.

Why choose used Mitsubishi finance with Carplus?

Here are several reasons why financing a Mitsubishi with Carplus is a great choice:

  • We approve car loans with no deposit required: With Carplus, you don't need to worry about saving up for a hefty deposit. We can help you secure a car loan without requiring an initial deposit, making it easier to get behind the wheel of a used Mitsubishi.
  • We can help you if you have a poor credit history: We understand that financial difficulties can happen to anyone. At Carplus, we have relationships with lenders who specialize in assisting individuals with poor credit histories. We will work with you to find suitable finance options tailored to your circumstances.
  • We can help if you've been bankrupt: Even if you've been through bankruptcy, Carplus can still assist you in obtaining finance for a used Mitsubishi. We have expertise in providing finance solutions for individuals who have faced bankruptcy, helping you get back on the road to financial stability.
  • Apply today to get your personalized no-obligation quote: To explore your options and get a personalized finance quote, simply apply on our website or give us a call. Our team will review your application and provide a no-obligation quote tailored to your needs and preferences.

At Carplus, we are committed to making the process of financing a used Mitsubishi as smooth and hassle-free as possible. We offer a wide selection of quality vehicles, competitive finance deals, and a dedicated team of experts ready to assist you at every step of the way. Get in touch with Carplus today and embark on your Mitsubishi ownership journey with confidence.