How it works


1. Enter your reg

Begin by entering your registration for a free, instant free valuation tool based on live market data. Quickly complete your profile with additional information and photos.


2. Contact car dealers

Benefit from a vast network of verified dealers nationwide, competing to offer you the best price for your car when it's ready for sale. Enjoy a streamlined process that maximizes the value of your vehicle.


Get your offer

Approve your highest offer on the same day, securing a fair price for your car, irrespective of its condition or service history.


4. Finish your sale and receive payment

Complete your sale swiftly, often within 24 hours. Motorway ensures a quick, seamless process, providing you with a fair price for your vehicle without complications. Sell your car fast, confidently and conveniently

Why should I sell my car online with Carplus and Motorway?

Instant valuation

Get a quick and accurate online valuation without leaving your home. Enter your full registration number to receive an immediate estimate for your car hassle-free.

High, fair and accurate price

Get a quick and accurate online valuation without leaving your home. Enter your registration to receive an immediate estimate for your car hassle-free.

Free home delivery

Experience the convenience of free home delivery. Motorway arranges hassle-free collection from the nearest dealership to your doorstep, making the selling process easy and straightforward.

100% free

Enjoy a completely free service with Motorway – no more hidden charges, fees or payment charges at any stage of your sale. Our transparent approach ensures a quick, fair, and secure transaction.

What you need to sell your car

Bring your V5C form for the car selling process.
Include the service history when selling your vehicle.
Ensure you have your driving licence on hand.
Show proof of purchase for a seamless transaction.
If on PCP or HP, provide the finance settlement letter.


Is it free to sell my car with Motorway?

Yes, selling your car with Motorway is entirely free. No charges for valuation, no admin fee, or payment fees, and absolutely no hidden costs. Your highest offer from our daily online sale is yours in full, provided your car matches its description during profiling. We keep it free for you by taking a commission, ensuring a transparent and cost-free process. Sell your car confidently with Motorway – simple, straightforward, and entirely without cost.

If I sell my car, how much will it be worth?

Your car's value changes based on factors like the car's condition, its age, mileage, and service history. Market trends, affecting both new and used car prices, play a big role. Currently, prices are high. It's essential to be aware of these factors for an accurate understanding of your car's worth, as it can vary over time. Keep an eye on these details to stay in the know about your car's changing value in the market.

What if my vehicle is not eligible to sell?

If your vehicle is not eligible for sale through our network, we'll inform you promptly after you enter your registration and mileage. We'll then recommend an instant online buyer as an alternative.

Can I sell a modified car?

Yes, you can sell a modified car. However, the number of offers you receive may be affected, as some dealers prefer standard vehicles. Provide documentation of professional modifications. Keeping original components may expand selling options, as dealers may purchase to restore the vehicle to its original condition.

Can I sell an imported car?

No, our dealers do not purchase imported vehicles due to difficulties in tracing their history.

Can I sell my car on finance?

Yes, you can sell your car even if it's on a payment plan like Hire Purchase (HP) or Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) with Motorway. You don't need to finish paying it all off, but your contract might have a minimum amount to settle before selling. To start, get a settlement letter with the 'settlement figure' from your lender, then get a car valuation. Check our guide on selling a financed car for more details. Motorway makes it easy to sell your financed car without any hassle.

How and when will I be paid, if I sell my car with you?

After agreeing on the sale, your car will be collected from your home or workplace at a time that suits you – completing the process in as little as seven days or 24 hours.

How long does it take to sell my car with you?

Once you get the highest offer, it's your call to accept or decline the final offer. If you say yes, the dealer sets up a free home collection. That's it – sale done, money in your bank account. Usually takes 2-7 days, but sometimes as quick as 24 hours.

Can I sell my car with Motorway if it has a higher mileage?

Absolutely, Motorway considers all used cars, regardless of mileage, for valuation and sale.

Is the online selling process with Motorway available for commercial vehicles?

Yes, Motorway caters to both private cars and commercial vehicles in the selling process.

What if I change my mind after I sell my car and accept the highest offer for my car?

You have the choice to accept or decline the offer; the decision is entirely yours.

Can I sell my car on behalf of someone else, or does it need to be registered to me?

You can sell a car on behalf of someone else, but ensure you and registered owner have the necessary documents.

Is the free home delivery service available across the entire UK when I sell my car?

Yes, Motorway provides hassle-free home collection nationwide for your convenience.

What if I have misplaced proof of purchase or finance settlement letter when selling my car?

To sell your current car more smoothly, ensure you have these documents on hand; replacements may complicate the process.

Who will buy my car?

Competing dealers across the UK are eager to offer the best price for your car. In the daily online sale, your vehicle receives multiple offers, and you can opt to sell it to the dealer with the highest bid. These dealers are verified, ensuring a secure process. The goal is to simplify the selling experience for both sellers and dealers, making it straightforward and efficient. Your car is in good hands, with a team ready to assist throughout the whole process.