Roman Danaev

25 May 2023

Meaning and Definition

Re-finance, also known as refinancing, refers to the process of replacing an existing car finance agreement with a new one, usually with different terms, interest rates, or loan providers. The purpose of refinancing is to obtain more favorable loan conditions, such as lower interest rates, longer loan terms, or improved monthly payments. Re-finance can be done with the same lender or by switching to a different lender.

Why it is important to know

Understanding re-finance is important for borrowers who want to improve their existing car finance agreement or take advantage of better loan terms. Refinancing offers an opportunity to reduce monthly payments, save on interest costs, or extend the loan term to make payments more manageable. It is essential for borrowers to assess their current loan terms, compare them with available options, and evaluate the potential benefits and costs of refinancing before deciding to proceed.

Example in car finance

Suppose an individual has an existing car finance agreement with a high interest rate and expensive monthly payments. They have been making payments on time and have improved their credit score since obtaining the original loan. The individual decides to explore re-finance options to secure a better car finance deal. They approach different lenders, compare interest rates, loan terms, and associated fees. After careful evaluation, they decide to refinance the loan with a new lender offering a lower interest rate and more affordable monthly payments. The new loan allows them to save money on interest and enjoy improved repayment terms.

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