Carplus Achieves SAF Approval: Boosting Confidence and Expertise in Car Finance!

Roman Danaev

8 January 2023

Carplus proudly announces its attainment of the esteemed SAF Approved Car Finance Company status. This accreditation brings forth several benefits:

  • Enhanced Customer Confidence: Customers can now trust the car finance information they receive from Carplus, fostering increased confidence in their financial decisions.
  • Support for Professional Development: Carplus prioritizes the professional growth of its staff, demonstrating a commitment to maintaining a knowledgeable and skilled team.
  • Knowledge-Based Training: The achievement involves ongoing knowledge-based training for staff, ensuring they stay abreast of industry developments and best practices.

The SAF Approved status translates into a superior customer experience as Carplus sales teams are well-prepared and more confident in addressing finance-related queries. Carplus proudly stands as a SAF Approved Car Finance Company, a testament to its dedication to excellence.

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Total charge of credit£3,731.35
Total amount payable£15,731.35
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Must be between £3,000 to £50,000
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Total amount payable£0
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