Carplus Celebrates Graduation of Finance Brokers from CarPlus Academy

Roman Danaev

5 March 2024

Carplus Academy proudly announces the graduation of three outstanding Finance Brokers: Monwar, Heena, and Said. The trio's exemplary performance and attainment of crucial milestones have earned them esteemed positions within CarPlus's Sales Experts Team.

As they embark on this exciting phase, Monwar, Heena, and Said carry with them the support and well-wishes of the entire Carplus community. Their success serves as a testament to the company's dedication to empowering its employees and fostering a culture of achievement.

The graduation of these Finance Brokers is not only a milestone for them personally, but also a reflection of Carplus's ongoing commitment to excellence in its workforce. We congratulate Monwar, Heena, and Said on their achievements and look forward to witnessing their continued success in their new roles.

Kind words from our student Said:

“Carplus has already turned a great place for me to discover and learn many skills, to work in very friendly environment and to share motivation and enthusiasm with each other🚀 While hitting my very first target, I have learnt a lot from Kevin Vyner. Many thanks for your invaluable insights and support. I am really grateful to Graeme Mitchellfor guiding me on my initial steps, providing continuous support and giving regular motivation to get my target 🎯 My special thanks to Roman Danaev for providing the best place to work and inspiring everyone in the company to achieve their goals 🏆”

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