Carplus proudly welcomes Kevin Vyner

Roman Danaev

18 February 2023

Carplus proudly welcomes Kevin Vyner to its esteemed family, marking a significant addition to the team. The excitement is palpable as Carplus embraces Vyner's expertise and enthusiasm. Thrilled about this new chapter, Carplus anticipates achieving remarkable milestones with Vyner on board. United by a common goal, the synergy between Vyner and Carplus promises to elevate the company's success to new heights. The shared commitment to excellence and innovation positions Carplus for continued growth and underscores its dedication to providing unparalleled service in the automotive financing landscape. Together, they embark on a journey toward greatness. 🚗🌟

Your monthly payment
Loan amount:£16,000
Length of loan:60 months
Interest rate:12,9%
Amount of interest£5,793.84
Total payment:£21,793.84
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