New Year, New Goals: Carplus Sales Team Gears Up for 2024

Roman Danaev

8 January 2023

Happy New Year from all of us at Carplus! As we kick off 2024, things are buzzing with excitement here. We're all about helping you find the best deals on car financing, and that commitment is getting stronger this year.

We recently had a chat with part of our Sales Team to get everyone on the same page about where we're headed in 2024. It was like a big team huddle where we shared ideas and talked about how to make your car-buying experience even better.

At Carplus, we're all about being open and honest, so we laid out our plans and goals for the year. We want to keep being the go-to place for the best car financing options, all while sticking to our values of being straightforward, reliable, and making sure you're happy.

Our Sales Team is pumped up and ready to make this year awesome for you. We're here to make car financing simple and stress-free, and we can't wait to help you on your journey to a new car in 2024!

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Loan amount:£16,000
Length of loan:60 months
Interest rate:12,9%
Amount of interest£5,793.84
Total payment:£21,793.84
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