Carplus Recognition: Haydn's Dedication Rewarded with iPhone 14 Pro Max!

Roman Danaev

10 January 2023

Big congrats to Haydn at Carplus for scoring the latest iPhone 14 Pro Max! He worked super hard, smashed his target, and now he's got a cool new phone to show for it. 🎉

At Carplus, we love cheering on our team and giving props for their dedication. Haydn's success isn't just about him – it's a win for the whole Carplus family.

We believe in making work awesome, and that means celebrating wins, big or small. Haydn's achievement is a reminder that at Carplus, when you put in the effort, it doesn't go unnoticed.

The new iPhone is just a little way of saying "thanks" and recognizing Haydn's awesome work. It's all part of our Carplus vibe – where everyone's hard work is valued and appreciated.

Here's to Haydn and all the great things happening at Carplus! 🚗🌟

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