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If you’re ready for an adventure and a caravan could make that dream come true, there’s just one little thing left to think about– the money. Or perhaps it’s not such a little thing after all, as the price of a caravan is often relatively high, and not everyone can pay the whole lot at once.

There are many caravan loans available on the internet. But how do you go about finding the best one with a reasonable interest rate and that preferably won’t affect your credit rating? Carplus knows how! We’ll offer you numerous finance options at the market’s best interest rates!

Caravan finance calculator

Good credit
Bad credit
Amount to borrow:
To repay over:
5 Years
Car finance rate XX% APR
Cost of credit £ XXX
Total repayment £ XX,XX.XX
48 monthly payments of
£ 245 /mo

Representative example - Borrowing £5,500 over 4 years with a representative APR of 19.8%, and a deposit of £0, the amount payable would be £162 per month, with a total cost of credit of £2,282 and a total amount payable of £7,782.

Carplus will find the best car loan rate from our panel of lenders and will offer you the best possible deal. We don’t charge fees, but we earn a commission. This does not influence the APR you’re offered in any way.

Carplus caravan finance

Anyone who’s been looking into caravans lately knows that the options and configurations are many. Caravans come in an abundance of shapes and sizes. You can go for a small touring caravan that will be the right size for a couple, or you can go all out and get a four-berth, which will easily host your entire family – maybe even with some extra space left over.

While travelling around the country in your mobile home is alluring, you’ll need to consider caravan finance options first. They are also numerous, which is great news: you can find the one that suits you best.

The alternatives vary in terms of their interest rates, duration, and other conditions like collateral. Terms may vary depending on your credit profile. The better your credit rating, the more lucrative the terms.

Nonetheless, it’s possible to find good loans that work for everyone. If you don’t know how, we do, and we’re eager to help. We’ll provide you with a number of options to choose from based on your financial needs.

How does caravan finance work?

Getting caravan finance online doesn’t differ much from getting finance for any other type of vehicle. You either take out a loan and then buy your caravan or agree to take a loan from a registered dealer. The loan is then repaid, typically every month. The monthly instalment depends on the amount you’re borrowing and your personal financial history– or how much you can pay back every month.

Carplus offers several caravan loans to choose from. To apply, you need to provide us with the following data:

  • The desired sum to be borrowed
  • The type of driving licence you have
  • Your marital status
  • Your passport type (UK or International)
  • Your Date of Birth
  • Your employment details
  • Your monthly income
  • Your residential status
  • Your full name
  • Your contact details

After that, we will find loan options based on your circumstances. You choose the loan, apply, get approval, and receive the funds to buy your caravan.

Use our caravan finance calculator

The caravan finance calculator is a useful tool to estimate the cost of your monthly instalments. Specify how much you want to borrow, for how long, and the calculator will give you an estimation of how much you can expect to pay each month.

You can tweak the duration and loan amount to find the best option for your financial circumstances. Don’t forget that it’s just an estimate and it can change based on your credit profile.

Who is eligible for caravan loans?

To get caravan finance from Carplus:

  • You must be between 18 and 75 years old.
  • You need to have been a UK resident for at least 12 months.
  • Your monthly income can’t be less than £1,000.

Additionally, we will ask for your:

  • Employment status: the longer you’ve been working, the better;
  • Financial liabilities: to determine your ability to repay a loan;
  • Credit profile to evaluate your creditworthiness.

Apply for caravan finance online on carplus!

If you’re not yet sure whether Carplus finance from Carplus is for you, here are a few things to bear in mind:

  • We offer flexible conditions: we always do our best to provide the top loan options for all of our clients. Our interest rate can be as low as 5.9%.
  • No deposit: Getting a caravan without a deposit is a great idea if you have limited resources.
  • Quick quotation: you won’t have to wait long to check our rates. Apply, and we will get back to you in a couple of minutes.
  • Several offers: we provide you with several deals allowing you to assess your options and find the right loan for you.

Caravan finance & loans FAQ

Does Carplus charge any fees for caravan finance?

Carplus doesn’t charge any fees, except for an interest rate. The interest rate depends on your credit profile, deposit, loan repayment period, and other such factors.

Can you get a caravan on finance?

Yes, you can get a caravan on finance if you are eligible. The minimum requirements are that you’re at least 18 years old, have a minimum monthly income of £1,000, and have been a UK resident for at least 12 months.

Can I sell my caravan if it’s on finance?

Typically, you can sell a caravan if it’s on finance if the monthly instalments will still be regularly paid.

Can you get a static caravan on finance?

No, Carplus can’t get you a static caravan on finance. But we can help you to get a touring one.

How much will I pay for a caravan on finance?

You will have to repay more than you borrowed; the full amount will depend on your interest rate. To get a rough estimate, use our caravan finance calculator. For more accurate information, request a quotation.

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