Carplus Introduces Comprehensive AutoProtect Coverage

Roman Danaev

10 January 2024

In a strategic move to enhance our commitment to comprehensive financial protection, Carplus (F&I Online Ltd / TA Carplus) proudly presents Finance GAP (Guaranteed Asset Protection) / RTI (Return to Invoice) Insurance from AutoProtect. This insurance is a crucial addition, specifically designed to safeguard the financial value of your vehicle.

Key features of Finance GAP / RTI Insurance include providing financial security in the unfortunate event of a total loss due to accident, theft, or fire. It covers the gap between the market value of your car and the initial amount paid or any outstanding finance. Furthermore, it protects against depreciation by ensuring you receive the original invoice value, empowering you to make informed decisions for your next automotive move.

Designed for seamless integration with existing auto financing solutions, this insurance offers flexible payment options. It is applicable to both new and used vehicles, ensuring a broad spectrum of vehicles can benefit from comprehensive coverage.

With Finance GAP / RTI Insurance from AutoProtect, Carplus aims to provide peace of mind, assuring customers that their financial commitments remain secure, even in the face of unforeseen circumstances. The simple, user-friendly claims process through the AutoProtect App adds to the convenience of this offering.

Carplus encourages customers not to leave their automotive investments to chance. Instead, secure your future today with Finance GAP / RTI Insurance from AutoProtect, now available through Carplus (F&I Online Ltd / TA Carplus). For more information or to proceed with this optional product, contact our friendly team at 0203 389 7779 or visit Remember, at Carplus, we prioritize transparency, and your peace of mind is our commitment.

Autoprotect Finance Gap Insurance

Note: GAP insurance is an optional product, and Carplus provides detailed information to empower customers to make informed decisions. The team is available to explain any details further and answer questions without providing specific advice on a particular product. Carplus does not charge a fee for its services.

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