Carplus Launches Extended Warranty: Elevate Your Car Ownership Experience

Roman Danaev

10 January 2024

Carplus, a leading car financing brokerage service, has rolled out an Extended Warranty program to enhance vehicle protection beyond standard manufacturer coverage. Acknowledging the limitations of manufacturer warranties, especially for used cars, Carplus aims to provide a safety net for car owners.

With tailored options, the Flexi Gold plan offers one or three years of comprehensive coverage, while the Platinum plan ensures three years of complete peace of mind.

Extended warranties prove particularly beneficial for used car owners, safeguarding against unexpected repair costs as vehicles age. Carplus encourages customers to extend their warranty, providing coverage beyond the manufacturer's terms.

It's crucial to note the coverage limitations. The Carplus Extended Warranty excludes normal wear and tear components, consumables like fuel and filters, and repairs due to service negligence. Adhering to best practices in vehicle maintenance is key to maximizing the benefits.

To ensure customer satisfaction, Carplus offers a 14-day cooling-off period from the issue date for policy cancellations. Customers can conveniently cancel by emailing the warranty team at With a commitment to transparency and customer satisfaction, Carplus sets a new standard in automotive financing.

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