We've partnered with Tandem Bank

Roman Danaev

12 November 2023

Carplus is thrilled to announce a groundbreaking partnership with Tandem Bank, aligning two industry leaders in a shared commitment to a greener financial future. Tandem Bank, recognized for its expertise in savings, lending, and green consumer finance, stands as a pioneer in developing intelligent products and leveraging new technology to break down financial barriers and simplify money management.

Tandem Bank's focus on environmental sustainability resonates seamlessly with Carplus' vision for a more eco-conscious automotive landscape. The collaboration, spearheaded by the visionary leadership of Dave Anderson and Paul Stewart, not only expands Carplus' car finance offerings but also integrates Tandem Bank's innovative solutions into the mix.

Tandem Bank empowers customers with choices that align with their values, offering options such as green mortgages and loans for eco-friendly home improvements. This strategic alliance enhances Carplus' commitment to providing customers with an extensive range of environmentally conscious financing options, further solidifying the partnership's impact on shaping a greener financial future.

As both companies embark on this promising journey together, this symbolize the collective mission to drive positive change and offer sustainable solutions that benefit both individuals and the planet. 🌱💼🚀

Your monthly payment
Loan amount:£16,000
Length of loan:60 months
Interest rate:12,9%
Amount of interest£5,793.84
Total payment:£21,793.84
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