Motorhome finance calculator

Amount to borrow

Must be between £3,000 to £50,000

Choose lenght of contract

24 months
36 months
48 months
60 months

Assuming your credit profile is

Estimated payments

These estimates are subject to credit checks and may change when you apply for finance.

Hire Purchase (HP)

APR 5.9%

48 monthly payments of


Total charge of credit
Total amount payable

Personal Contract Purchase (PCP)

APR 5.9%

48 monthly payments of


Optional final payment
Total charge of credit
Total amount payable

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No matter which vehicle you want to buy on credit, a Carado T337, a Mazda Bongo, or a Benimar 202, we will do our best to find the motorhome finance that suits you best.

We work with different circumstances and are always ready to help, whichever means of transportation you prefer; a classic vehicle or the one equipped with the latest technology.

What types of motorhome finance are available?

  1. Bad credit motorhome finance. All of the avid outdoor lovers have had their own unique life experiences, just as they have chosen different vehicles. Sometimes one credit history may differ from another due to individual circumstances. Accidental delay, write-off error, or CCJs - there can be literally any reason. The main thing is, even with a bad credit history, there is always a chance to get finance. Moreover, there are lenders on our panel for which your credit score is not their primary characteristic in making a judgement.
  2. PCP Finance. A personal contract purchase is not a classic option, but it can help you get a motorhome to use. You can choose what to pay for: for full ownership of the car at the end or for its use. You pay less money every month, but for a longer period, and the car comes into your possession only after paying the final payment. Or you can move on to another PCP. Usually, lenders are more interested in borrowers with high credit scores.
  3. HP Finance. Hire purchase is a form of campervan finance that can be used to buy a new or used vehicle. Even though this debt is secured against the campervan, we advise you to think it through. Consider monthly payments as well as any associated costs such as taxes, fuel, and insurance.
  4. No deposit motorhome finance. Already see yourself in a great location and ready to be behind the wheel? Great, but what if there is no deposit? We have lender partners at our disposal who work without a deposit. Our specialists will notify you about possible options and whether we can start looking for contacts for you that will bring you closer to purchasing a motorhome on finance.
  5. Motorhome no credit check. We provide a ‘soft credit search’, so you don’t have to worry about your credit rating being affected, if you already have a low credit score. It will look at things like your employment status, income and expenditure and current credit commitments.

What is your lending criteria?

The most important thing in our work is responsibility. Therefore, we pay attention to the importance of making the right choice regarding the motorhome itself and your financial capabilities. This means that we have certain criteria so that we use to determine how well our financial product suits you.

Before making an application, make sure you meet these criteria:

  • Your age is 18 years or older
  • The motorhome of your choice not older than 12 years at the beginning of the agreement
  • Also, the motorhome must have a mileage of less than 120,000
  • You must have lived in the UK for three years or more
  • The loan amount you need is between 3,000 and 10,000 pounds
  • Loan Length: 24-48 months
  • You must have a full driver license
  • Your monthly income is 1,000 pounds or more and is going into a bank account with your name on it

If you can match all of the above criteria with your characteristics, we can get started with your application!

How to apply for a motorhome on finance?

Follow these simple steps:

  1. Apply for motorhome finance. Use the application form on our website so that our specialist can get your info and reach out to you.
  2. Get a motorhome finance decision. Our underwriting team will evaluate your application, and soon after, if you get approved, we will provide you with a credit limit.
  3. Choose your motorhome. We will help you decide on the choice of a vehicle through one of our dealers. Many of them will be able to give you the keys on literally the same day! We may need some documents to support your application.
  4. Sign the paperwork. All required documents can be signed online. Done! You are ready to ride.

Why use carplus to finance a campervan?

Trustworthy reviews: Read reviews from real customers and see how we helped them when other companies refused to.

Direct Lender: Our professional and experienced team is ready to assist you.

Progress Tracking: We provide a personal link to your application tracker for your convenience. The tracker works without installation on your device and without registration.

Our Principles: We are ethical about your finances and therefore approve applications if the consumer can afford the necessary payments. In addition, our activities are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.


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