15 Best used cars with big boots: Pick a car for a big family

Roman Danaev

Best cars19 October 2023

Having ample storage space can be a game-changer, don’t you agree? You have extra room for your gear and luggage, and you have the freedom to travel without compromise. Whether it’s for your daily commute or weekend adventures, cars with big boots are a joy to have.

At Carplus, we want to help you find the best cars with the biggest boots. What’s more, we want to ensure that owning one is as convenient and budget-friendly as possible. Here, you can finance a car even with bad credit and without having to pay outlandish deposits.

1. Škoda Superb Estate

Price for a used carFrom £4,300
Body typeEstate
Gearbox typeManual, automatic
Boot space660 litres
Boot space seats down1,610 litres

The Škoda Superb Estate is a top contender among family estate cars, particularly known for its generous boot capacity. While it may sit at the higher end of Škoda’s lineup price, it offers exceptional value for the money spent.

Comfort is a strong suit of the Superb Estate, and it boasts great ride quality, minimal cabin noise, and supportive seats. But what truly sets it apart is its sheer size. Passengers enjoy limousine-level legroom, which makes long journeys a breeze.

When it comes to cars with the biggest storage, the Superb Estate stands out, with its boot space ranking among the largest in the estate car category. Also, it comes with thoughtful extras like a rechargeable torch, a hidden umbrella, MP3 music file storage, and the option of Park Assist.

2. Honda Civic

Price for a used carFrom £3,500
Body typeSaloon, coupe, and hatchback
Gearbox typeManual, automatic
Doors2, 4, 5
Boot space410 litres
Boot space seats down1,210 litres

The Honda Civic is a standout small car with exceptional characteristics. Inside, it comfortably accommodates four and even five passengers for shorter trips. The low driving position provides an excellent vantage point, and the well-organised dashboard and thoughtfully weighted controls add to the overall high-quality feel of the interior.

As for the Civic’s large boot, it surpasses many other family hatchbacks. Despite sportier models having a central exhaust that takes up some boot capacity, the Civic remains highly practical. It features a wide, accessible boot with a low lip for easy loading and unloading.

What’s more, the Civic offers flexibility with its split-level floor. You can remove the boot liner to reveal a deeper storage area, aligning with the current trend in crossovers. Or you can use it as a cover to keep your belongings hidden from view.

3. Range Rover

Price for a used carFrom £13,900
Body typeSUV
Gearbox typeManual, automatic
Seats4, 5
Boot space591 litres
Boot space seats down1,383 litres

The Range Rover is a prestigious vehicle, no doubt. Firstly, it offers an outstanding ride comfort, with long journeys always being a pleasure. Its remarkable suppleness at high speeds adds to the overall driving experience.

Inside the Range Rover, you’ll find ample space in both the front and rear seats, which accommodate up to three passengers comfortably. The interior has high-quality craftsmanship, with soft-touch materials and abundant leather, but a few switches may feel less premium to the touch.

When it comes to boot capacity, the model does not disappoint. The big boot offers more than enough space to carry luggage for a couple of adults or sizeable items like a baby buggy or golf clubs. The flat boot floor provides convenience for loading. However, accessing the deeper part of the load space can be a bit tricky because of the two-piece tailgate design.

4. Peugeot 3008

Price for a used carFrom £3,100
Body typeSUV
Gearbox typeManual, automatic
Boot space520–591 litres
Boot space seats down1,482 litres

The Peugeot 3008 is known for its welcoming interior and considerable boot size, all with a luxurious touch. For instance, as you get inside, the 3008 boasts an SUV-like ambience that exudes a premium and tactile feel, just like the cues you’d expect in a Range Rover.

Up front, there’s plenty of space along with various storage options for loose items. The rear bench can be split 60:40 and laid completely flat, providing flexibility in luggage space.

The 3008’s boot is designed for versatility, with a false floor that splits in three ways. It includes carpeting and plastic trim finishers to protect against knocks and scrapes. Overall, the Peugeot 3008 falls slightly behind SUVs with the biggest boots, but it can comfortably accommodate items like a buggy and a couple of suitcases.

5. Mercedes-Benz E-Class

Price for a used carFrom £7,400
Body typeEstate
Gearbox typeManual, automatic
Boot space640 litres
Boot space seats down1,820 litres

The Mercedes-Benz E-Class Estate is a blend of luxury, comfort, and practicality — a compelling choice for those seeking a car with a massive boot.

It doesn’t deliver exhilarating driving thrills in its non-AMG configurations. Yet, the E-Class Estate compensates with a host of practical features. It comes equipped with a powered tailgate, convenient remote release buttons for the 40:20:40 folding rear bench, and a luggage retaining net. Also, the rear seatbacks can be tilted forward slightly for an extra 30 litres of boot capacity when needed.

Accessing the boot is hassle-free, thanks to the low load lip and a retractable cover that rises as the tailgate opens. The interior is well-thought-out, with ample storage options, including a large central cubby and a spacious trinket tray.

6. Honda CR-V

Price for a used carFrom £6,500
Body typeSUV
Gearbox typeManual, automatic
Boot space589 litres
Boot space seats down1,669 litres

The Honda CR-V is one of the best all-rounders in the competitive family SUV market. You don’t pick for being the most thrilling car to sit in, but the CR-V impresses with its high build quality. Everything inside is durable and robust, ensuring longevity.

As for rear flexibility, all the seats can be easily folded flat in a 60/40 split configuration. The presence of handles in the boot simplifies the process because you don’t need to access the vehicle’s interior.

The boot capacity isn’t the highest capacity in its class. However, the CR-V’s boot offers a practical design with minimal intrusion from wheel arches. The wide opening, low loading lip, and completely flat boot floor make it effortless to load bulky items into the rear. Moreover, the top-spec EX model includes a powered tailgate.

7. BMW X7

Price for a used car From £54,400
Body typeSUV
Gearbox typeManual, automatic
Boot space326 litres
Boot space seats down750 litres (third row down)
2,120 litres (all rear seats folded)

In terms of luxury, the X7 doesn’t disappoint. It offers cushioned headrests and electric seat controls for the two outer positions. However, what sets it apart is the third row, which is designed to be adult-friendly. When seated in the back, you’ll find a similar space to that of a large MPV.

The front two rows of the X7 are even more spacious, and the driver benefits from a wide range of electric seat and wheel adjustments. Notably, the middle row can be electrically adjusted and folded. The third row folds into the boot floor, all at the push of a button.

With all five rear seats in use, the X7 still provides a moderately large boot. Fold the rear seats down, and it transforms into one of the biggest boots, capable of accommodating virtually anything a family might need.

8. Volvo V60

Price for a used carFrom £4,900
Body typeEstate, crossover
Gearbox typeManual, automatic
Boot space529 litres
Boot space seats down1,441 litres

The Volvo V60 is an appealing estate car that combines style, advanced technology, and a strong emphasis on safety features — a standout choice among cars with big boots.

The V60 has decent boot capacity, even with the seats in their upright position, which surpasses its direct rivals. It offers ample room for your belongings, including a convenient deep underfloor storage compartment. The practicality continues with lashing points, hangers for securing bag handles, and levers to easily fold the rear seats. There’s also a handy pop-up vertical divider.

The electric tailgate comes as a standard, and Plus models take it a step further with the option for hands-free opening and closing. The plug-in hybrid Twin Engine versions maintain practicality since most of the plug-in technology is placed in the transmission tunnel.

9. Ford Galaxy

Price for a used car From £2,700
Body typeMPV
Gearbox typeManual, automatic
Boot space300-litre
Boot space seats down1,301 litres (third row down)
2,339 litres (all rear seats folded)

The Ford Galaxy can get overlooked as just a minicab or executive shuttle. But it deserves a closer look for its outstanding family car characteristics, like one of the biggest boot spaces available on the market.

This MPV has civilised road manners, excellent refinement, and surprising fuel efficiency, further enhancing its appeal. Don’t expect substantial boot space with all seven seats in use, but with third-row seats folded, you’ll increase its utility by a lot. For other storage options, there are 31 separate compartments throughout the vehicle.

Access to the rear seats is convenient, with the middle chair tilting and sliding forward effortlessly with a pull of a handle. Folding these seats is very easy, thanks to Ford’s Fold Flat System (FFS), which requires just one handle pull for all of them.

10. Audi Q7

Price for a used car From £13,900
Body typeSUV, MPV
Gearbox typeManual, automatic
Boot space 295 litres
Boot space seats down865 litres (third row down)
1,955 litres (all rear seats folded)

The Audi Q7 has a spacious interior, seven-seat configuration, and a big boot, so it’ll be great for families in need of more space and comfort. The air suspension further enhances comfort, and its stylish exterior adds to its overall appeal.

This sizable SUV offers superb passenger space with seven seats as standard. The first two rows provide reasonable space, although it’s not as roomy as expected for such a large vehicle. The third row is best suited for children. The boot capacity, while acceptable, can be expanded by folding down the rearmost seats into the boot floor when they are not in use.

The Audi Q7 also has cargo nets on the side of the passenger footwell, storage beneath the boot floor for items like muddy boots, and an optional remote tailgate.

11. Škoda Fabia

Price for a used carFrom £4,400
Body typeSaloon, hatchback, estate
Gearbox typeManual, automatic
Doors4, 5
Boot space 380 litres
Boot space seats down1,190 litres

The Fabias are versatile small cars with comfort and practicality in mind, with a large boot, too. The hatch impresses with its ability to smoothly absorb road imperfections, which ensures a comfortable ride even on less-than-ideal surfaces. It handles various driving conditions, including twists, turns, motorways, and city streets with tight parking spaces.

In terms of space, the Fabia offers more than enough room up front, along with generous leg and headroom in the rear. Fitting three in the rear may be a bit of a squeeze, but it remains a practical choice for smaller groups. The boot capacity is competitive in size and square shape. It’s worth noting that when you fold the rear seats flat, there is a noticeable step in the boot floor.

The Fabia comes equipped with two standard Isofix child seat mounting points in the rear.

12. Peugeot 5008

Price for a used car From £3,000
Body typeSUV
Gearbox typeManual, automatic
Boot space166 litres
Boot space seats down952 litres (third row down)
2,042 litres (all rear seats folded)

The Peugeot 5008 is a versatile and family-friendly car that may surprise you. With its combination of a raised-up driving position, stylish design, and enough passenger space to accommodate seven, it’s a good choice for those with growing families.

If all seats are in use, there may be limitations in boot size. However, if you typically travel with five passengers or fewer, the Peugeot 5008 is one of the most spacious load carriers in its category. Even with the second-row seats folded down (although not completely flat), the model remains practical and accommodating.

Its boot design has no load lip, and the flat boot sides simplify the process of loading bulky items. Plus, you’ll find a convenient cubby on the right side of the boot and hooks to secure your shopping bags.

13. Land Rover Discovery

Price for a used car From £25,900
Body typeSUV
Gearbox typeManual, automatic
Seats5, 7
Boot space258 litres
Boot space seats down1,137 litres (third row down)
2,406 litres (all rear seats folded)

The Land Rover Discovery combines off-road prowess with commanding on-road driving dynamics, not to mention having one of the biggest boots with all rear seats folded. The front seats are relatively low in relation to the side window. However, this design choice enhances headroom.

The boot is notable not only for its size but also for its uniform shape. It accommodates a generous amount of cargo, and there’s a dedicated storage space for the load cover when up to seven seats are all in use. There is a powered tailgate, which includes gesture control technology in the top trim level.

The Intelligent Seat Fold system further enhances convenience. It allows the five rear seats to be individually folded or raised through various methods, including the central touchscreen, seat buttons, or a dedicated mobile phone app.

14. Hyundai Tucson

Price for a used carFrom £14,200
Body typeSUV
Gearbox typeManual, automatic
Boot space620 litres
Boot space seats down1,799 litres

The Hyundai Tucson excels in everyday tasks like the school run or family vacations. Inside, you’ll find ample room for four adults, with the flexibility to accommodate five when needed, albeit a bit snugly.

The standout feature is the boot capacity, capable of swallowing a significant amount of luggage, so you’ll be well-prepared for family getaways. In the outermost rear seats, there are Isofix points for child seats. The rear seats can be folded down in a 60:40 split, but they don’t lie completely flat when carrying longer loads.

Even if you opt for the Hybrid or Plug-in Hybrid models, which sacrifice a bit of space for batteries, the Tucson keeps up with other cars with big boots.

15. Mercedes GLS

Price for a used car From £29,400
Body typeSUV
Gearbox typeManual, automatic
Boot space355 litres
Boot space seats down890 litres (third row down)
2,055 litres (all rear seats folded)

If you’re in the market for a sizable and opulent SUV with seven seats and a large boot, consider the Mercedes GLS.

There’s an abundance of space up front for a comfortable driving experience. In the second row, there’s plenty of room for three adults to sit comfortably. Even the third row provides adequate space for two adults, and accessing it is made easy with the electrically adjustable seats in the middle row.

When it comes to storage space, the GLS doesn’t disappoint. With all seven seats in place, it still offers good storage capacity, enough to accommodate a few bags. However, the true advantage becomes evident when you fold away the rear two seats.

Final words

To sum it all up, cars with big boots come in all shapes and sizes. Whether you’re looking for a small, medium, or large car, there’s something to suit everyone’s storage requirements. But if you need the absolute most storage space, it’s worth noting that seven-seater SUVs are the ones with the biggest boots.

In this list, we’ve highlighted 15 cars with generous boot space, but there are plenty of other models out there. If none of these vehicles quite fits the bill for you, remember that you can find a lot more through Carplus. Our finance tool simplifies the car-buying process, so we have you covered.

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