Van finance calculator

Amount to borrow

Must be between £3,000 to £50,000

Choose lenght of contract

24 months
36 months
48 months
60 months

Assuming your credit profile is

Estimated payments

These estimates are subject to credit checks and may change when you apply for finance.

Hire Purchase (HP)

APR 5.9%

48 monthly payments of


Total charge of credit
Total amount payable

Personal Contract Purchase (PCP)

APR 5.9%

48 monthly payments of


Optional final payment
Total charge of credit
Total amount payable

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We acknowledge that obtaining guaranteed van finance signifies bad credit. Unfortunately, dealers, brokers, and lenders do not have access to guaranteed van financing and misleading your customers, offering a “guaranteed” van finance is forbidden by the law - the Consumer Credit Act of 2010.

Lenders cannot guarantee loans to all customers who apply for one without first learning about them and their circumstances. This is because the lender's choice is influenced by several variables: availability, payment, credit score, deposit, and debt. However, this does not negate the need for your next van on finance.

Customers are enticed to apply for a secured loan. Still, the loan decision is left to the discretion of the individual lender, and giving guaranteed van finance would be loaning irresponsibly.

The borrower must ensure that the borrowed funds are returned. Similarly, the lenders must ensure that the money for borrowing is only given to customers who can pay it back. As a result, the lender is unlikely to provide a loan guarantee.

At Carplus, we help our customers get the best van finance deals, even with a bad credit history. We will find a finance plan that matches you and your circumstances, whether your next van is new or used. We can assist you if you have a credit problem, a court order (CCJ), bankruptcy, or poor credit. Individual purchasers, small enterprises, limited liability companies (LLPs), and public limited corporations (PLCs) can all benefit from our services. With over five years of expertise in the business, we can assist you in finding the best deal.

Who we can help get van finance

We serve people irrespective of their credit history. We cannot help individuals get the guaranteed van finance deals, but as experts in finance, we understand that every customer brings his unique set of circumstances and requirements, and we are ready to help!

Such circumstances can be:

  • Rejected, refused, or declined in the past
  • Country Court Judgements (CCJs)
  • Bankruptcy
  • Individual Voluntary Agreement (IVA)
  • Debt management plans
  • Self-employed
  • Bad credit, zero credit history
  • Arrears

Why Carplus?

At Carplus, our vehicle finance specialists will help you get van finance for your next van by considering your current circumstances, requirements, income, and plans. We will help check and customize your deal according to your application. Therefore, even if you have faced a decline in van finance previously, we will try our best to assist you in getting the best deal on a loan.

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