I haven’t received my V5C log book: What should I do?

On average, drivers get back their V5C form in 1-6 weeks from the date of sending a request, but there have been known to be situations when a car owner hasn’t received one at all. Such situations are not uncommon, but they require a quick solution. In this article, readers will learn what a V5C log book is, why it might be delayed, how to deal with this problem and many other useful facts.

What is a V5C?

A V5C is a form that contains data on the registration and history of the vehicle. Document details of a new automobile and a used car will be different. But in any case, the presence of the V5C log book from DVLA confirms that you are the owner of the car.

How fast can I get a V5C?

The time required for receiving a log book directly depends on how exactly the owner purchased the car:

  • Buying it from a dealership or manufacturer — 1-2 weeks;
  • Buying a used car — 4-6 weeks.

The dealer usually registers a V5C when selling a car without involving the new owner. But purchasing a used vehicle requires the sending of an application to DVLA independently.

Reasons for delays in receiving a log book

There will be no delays in the delivery of the log book when buying a new vehicle. However, many car owners are faced with the fact that after purchasing a used car and waiting for the stated 6 weeks, their log book has still not arrived. Common causes include:

  • The previous owner didn’t return the log book to the DVLA;
  • The previous owner accidentally lost or damaged the form.

Additionally, if the registered keeper doesn’t have a log book, there is a risk that the car was obtained illegally. So, before making a purchase, always check whether the previous owner has this document and whether it was submitted to the DVLA.

The car owner doesn't have a log book: what are the consequences?

Under UK law, the log book marks you as the registered owner of the vehicle. If the driver is stopped by the police and this document can’t be presented, officers may consider the car to be stolen. In addition, you won’t be able to quickly and seamlessly insure, repair or sell the vehicle.

What can you do if you haven't received the log book?

I haven’t received my log book from the seller — what should I do? If you need V5C for used vehicles:

  1. Download and fill out the log book application (Form V62).
  2. Send the document to DVLA with a cheque for £25.

If you are faced with a problem when buying a new car, then you have to:

  1. Download and fill out an application for keeping a log book (Form V62).
  2. Send the document to DVLA along with a special green "New Owner" mark (usually, the dealer issues it when the vehicle is purchased). No is required.

You can find log book application forms on the gov.uk site.

Checking the status of a V5C

To find out the status of a V5C, you need to contact the DVLA on the hotline number (0300 790 6801) or email them (use the V62 form).

Can I check it online?

As a rule, the car owner should fill out a simple online form on the DVLA website. After that, a letter from the service will instantly be sent to your email.

Can I view my V5C online?

The vehicle owner can check log book details using the DVLA vehicle enquiry service. It’s enough to know the registration number, the keeper’s postcode, and the latest registration certificate reference number. However, if you do not have a V5C, it will be more difficult to check details online.

Can I drive a car while waiting for a new V5C?

Driving a car without a V5C is not recommended, even though the possession of this document is not the main legal proof of vehicle ownership. It’s better to wait for the log book to be delivered and then get behind the wheel.

Selling a car without V5C

In general, a vehicle owner can sell a car without V5C. Be prepared that the lack of a log book will immediately reduce the flow of potential buyers. To make a deal legal, you must clearly indicate the real reason for the missing log book. Then report it to the DVLA immediately after contract approval with the buyer.

Final thoughts

Having a log book is very important when choosing a car and approving a deal. If you are on the lookout for a new car, contact Carplus — their experts will help you find the right lender to buy your dream car and complete all the necessary documents!

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