Carplus Team Gains Invaluable Sales Wisdom from Industry Titans Vyner, Morin, and Mitchell

Roman Danaev

9 September 2023

In a dynamic and knowledge-packed training session this morning, Carplus took a deep dive into the art of sales and adeptly addressing customer objections. The session featured insights and experiences shared by three distinguished individuals – Kevin Vyner, Stephane Morin, and Graeme Mitchell – who collectively brought a wealth of expertise to the Carplus team.

Kevin Vyner, known for his strategic prowess in sales, imparted valuable insights into effective sales techniques. Stephane Morin, with a proven track record in customer relations, shared his expertise in understanding and addressing customer objections with finesse. Graeme Mitchell, the newly appointed Training & Development Director, brought a fresh perspective and shared his vision for elevating the performance of the sales team.

The collaborative sharing of experiences from these industry leaders not only enriched the team's understanding of sales dynamics but also provided practical strategies for overcoming challenges in customer interactions. Carplus remains committed to continuous improvement, ensuring that its team is well-equipped to deliver unparalleled service to customers in the ever-evolving landscape of automotive finance. The morning session served as a testament to Carplus' dedication to excellence and innovation in the pursuit of becoming an industry leader. 💼🚀📈

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