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The BMW i8 is a stunning fusion of futuristic design and cutting-edge technology. As a plug-in hybrid, it seamlessly blends electric power with a petrol engine, delivering an impressive range and performance. In this guide, we explore the enticing prospect of owning a used BMW i8 on finance, uncovering its key advantages, trims, body types, technical characteristics, and why Carplus stands out as your preferred finance partner.

Hire Purchase (HP) finance representative example
Borrowing £7,000 at a representative APR of 21.9%
Total cash priceDeposit60 monthly payments ofTotal cost of creditTotal payable
Used BMW I8 for Sale
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Average mileage100 miles
Average price£100
Average finance£100
Average age100 years

Why should you buy a used BMW i8 on finance?

Considering a used BMW i8 on finance means more than a car; it's about style and exciting driving. The BMW i8 looks like a supercar and drives uniquely, blending futuristic design with hybrid tech for a standout experience. It's not just about looks; the i8 performs with a powerful engine and electric support, ensuring a thrilling yet efficient ride. Saving on fuel is a perk, thanks to the i8's hybrid tech. And owning an i8 isn't just having a car; it's joining a special group of car lovers, where the BMW badge means quality and luxury. The i8 isn't ordinary – it's a choice that stands out.

About BMW i8

The BMW i-series has a rich history, and the i8 represents the pinnacle of its innovation. Designed for a perfect balance of form and function, the i8 features a powerful engine, impressive torque, and a range that caters to both city and highway driving. When considering the purchase of a used BMW i8, explore the various finance options available to make this dream car a reality.

BMW i8 Trims

  1. BMW i8 Giga World
    The Giga World trim is the entry point, adding a touch of sophistication without breaking the bank. For an additional £1,650, you get LED headlights, cornering lights, and stylish 20-inch wheels.
  2. BMW i8 Tera World
    Stepping up to the Tera World trim, brings even more elegance. With LED headlights, 20” wheels, BMWi blue seatbelts, black brake callipers, and an anthracite headliner, it's a package that appeals to those seeking a refined driving experience.
  3. BMW i8 Pure Impulse World
    For the ultimate in luxury and performance, choose the Pure Impulse World trim. Installed on 90% of early i8 models, it features premium elements like blue seatbelts, leather-lined floor mats, a leather trunk cover, and more.

BMW i8 Body Types

The BMW i8 is crafted with precision and style, offering two distinctive body types to cater to different preferences and driving experiences.

  1. Coupe: The BMW i8 Coupe combines performance and practicality for an exciting yet functional driving experience. Boasting a 154-litre boot space, it caters to those who value convenience without compromising on design. With a fixed roof, it maintains a sleek profile, delivering both comfort and efficiency. The driving dynamics, enhanced by the aerodynamic roof, ensure a thrilling ride on city streets and highways. The BMW i8 Coupe is designed for individuals seeking a high-performance sports car that seamlessly fits into everyday life.
  2. Convertible: The BMW i8 Convertible elevates driving with an invigorating open-top experience. Sacrificing some boot space for its retractable roof, it provides a truly exhilarating ride with just a button's touch. Perfect for those craving open-road freedom, the Convertible is a bold lifestyle statement, expressing individuality and a commitment to excitement. Despite compromising on boot space, its sleek design turns heads with the top down, making every drive a stylish entrance.

BMW i8 Interior

Inside the i8, you'll find a surprisingly spacious cabin with four seats. However, rear seat space is limited, and the gullwing doors require careful consideration when parking. The Coupe boasts a 154-litre boot, while the Convertible, with its retractable roof, offers 88 litres. Despite its compact size, parking aids assist in navigating this long and wide beauty.

BMW i8 Technical Characteristics

The heart of the i8 lies in its hybrid powertrain, featuring a 1.5L 3-cylinder petrol engine and an electric motor powered by a 7.1 kWh battery. This combination delivers a harmonious blend of power and efficiency. Charging the battery takes approximately 2.5 hours using a standard wall socket, with a faster 45-minute charge achievable through a BMW wallbox.

Who is the BMW i8 For?

The BMW i8 appeals to those seeking a value-packed sports car experience. With supercar looks, impressive performance, and hybrid functionality, it stands as a textbook sports car. Its uniqueness lies in offering this combination at a price point that outshines other expensive hybrid alternatives.

BMW i8 Finance Options

HP BMW i8 Finance Deals

Hire Purchase (HP) allows you to spread the cost over a fixed term, with ownership transferring to you at the end of the agreement. Carplus offers competitive BMW i8 HP finance deals, making ownership accessible.

PCP BMW i8 Finance Deals

Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) provides flexibility, allowing you to choose between keeping the car, returning it, or upgrading at the end of the term. Carplus, a trusted finance partner, extends attractive BMW i8 PCP finance deals tailored to your preferences.

Why Choose Carplus to Finance BMW i8?

  • Tailored Finance Solutions: Carplus understands that each customer is unique. Our finance options are flexible and tailored to suit your specific needs.
  • Competitive Rates: We offer competitive interest rates, ensuring that your dream of owning a BMW i8 is not just attainable but also financially sensible.
  • Transparent Process: Carplus prides itself on transparency. Our finance process is straightforward, ensuring you have a clear understanding of your agreement.
  • Expertise in Car Finance: With a team of car finance experts, Carplus navigates the complexities of financing, providing guidance and support at every step.
  • Customer-Centric Approach: At Carplus, our customers come first. We are dedicated to delivering a seamless and customer-friendly experience, making your BMW i8 ownership journey enjoyable from start to finish.