Top 12 Best Used Cars Under £10,000

Roman Danaev

Best cars05 September 2023

If you have £10,000 or are looking to take out a car loan for that amount, then you’re in a great position! The range of stylish city cars, SUVs for off-road, and other types of vehicles is quite wide. And you can choose both a new car and a used automobile in the UK in excellent condition because £10,000 is considered a good budget.

And the Carplus team is always ready to help with the choice and purchase of the vehicle of your dreams. In this review, our experts have put together the list of best used cars under 10000 options that may be of interest to customers who want to spend no more than the mentioned amount on this purchase. We will explore the main selling points of these cars and briefly describe their main features.

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1. Volkswagen Golf

Market price on a used car starts from£9,662
Monthly finance£229.99
Boot typeHatchback, estate, convertible
Gearbox typeAutomatic, Manual
Doors3 or 5 depending on the model

This is a great car; however, to find an option under £10,000 on the used car market, you should look at models no later than 2014. Family hatchbacks are usually the most expensive (£8,900-£9,760), estates cost around £8,700, and convertibles — approximately £7,100-£9,100.

The Volkswagen Golf is a car that will never let you down. It's not just easy to drive, but also retains its value well and has a reputation for reliability. It is a strong competitor in the compact segment of the market. The interior of the vehicle uses high-quality materials, which gives the car a classy and sleek look.

This car rides really smoothly and is very quiet. It also has a super luxurious feel to it that makes it stand out from most others. The trunk is really spacious, and you can fold the rear seats down flat to allow for more space when transporting big items. The boot is also an easy size to move things into and out of. There's a low sill that means you don't need to pick everything up.

All in all, the Volkswagen Golf is a compact C-class model often referred to as one of the best used cars out there. They have three-cylinder units with a volume of only one litre, 90 and 110 horsepower. More powerful versions are equipped with full-fledged 1.5-litre engines, delivering between 130 and 150 horsepower.

2. Vauxhall Astra

Prices for a used model of this car start from£9,995
Monthly finance£237.91
Boot typeHatchback, sedan/saloon, estate, van
Gearbox typeAutomatic, Manual
Doors3, or 4, or 5 depending on the model
FuelPetrol, diesel

Many experts call this car a reworking of the Peugeot 308, but the Vauxhall Astra is a vehicle with unique suspension and steering settings. In addition, it is equipped with more attractive styling in the interior. The car is perfect for everyday driving and also has a really well-thought-out inside. It’s now more efficient than ever without sacrificing performance, and will cost less to run as well.

When looking to purchase this model, drivers get to choose between two 1.2-litre petrol engines, one 1.5-litre diesel engine and a 1.6-litre plug-in hybrid powertrain.

It is important to consider that the best used cars cost between £13,000 and £17,000 pounds on average, which means it won’t be an economical purchase. However, if you try, you can find good options on the UK market in the region of £9.9-10 thousand with low/medium mileage.

3. Toyota Yaris

Market price on a used car starts from£6,750
Monthly finance£160.67
Boot typeHatchback
Gearbox typeAutomatic, Manual
Doors3 or 5

This B-class hatchback is the winner of the European Car of the Year 2021 title. How did this compact city car charm judges from different European countries? Obviously, it did this with fuel economy and low emissions, as well as a low price and running costs. Toyota Yaris is an amazing car. It has a sleek design, inside and out. It has built up a reputation as being one of the most reliable cars that you can buy on a budget. This means if you have around 10000, then you'll get yourself a great car with fantastic durability.

Exploring the affordable petrol model Toyota Yaris, you can see a huge range of prices. If this is a low-mileage automobile, then the buyer will usually fork out from 7 to 8 thousand pounds. If the condition of the car is perfect, then most likely, the seller will ask for about 8.5-9.5 thousand pounds.

On the other hand, you can look at the 2005-2009 models. There are plenty of them on the car market, and five-door options in excellent condition can be purchased for around £5,000.

4. Skoda Octavia

Market price on a used car starts from£9,995
Monthly finance£495.70
Boot typeHatchback
Gearbox typeAutomatic, Manual
FuelPetrol, natural gas

The Skoda Octavia is a car that offers everything you would expect from the brand. it is a fantastic car for someone who wants to spend as little money as possible on a new vehicle that is still comfortable and well-designed. With a large range of trims and mechanical layouts, the Octavia has something for everyone. Whether you are looking for practicality, comfort or power, the Octavia has it all.

It’s got plenty of space and comes well equipped with everything you need to get from A to B. It’s also relatively cheap to buy and even cheaper to run, making it one of the best family cars you can buy. Driving your car is a breeze because it has easy to use controls. With this vehicle, you'll get more space for the driver.

Modern models offer the driver four-wheel drive traction, powerful petrol (190 hp) and diesel engines (150-200 hp), DSG-automatic transmission, large boot space and ample legroom.

Unfortunately, only models from before 2016 can be found under £10,000. Regardless of which option you choose (diesel engine or petrol engine), you will have to pay 9.5-9.9 thousand pounds for the car.

5. Seat Leon

Market price on a used car starts from£6,290
Monthly finance£149.72
Boot typeStation wagon, hatchback
Gearbox typeAutomatic, Manual
Doors3 or 5 depending on the model
FuelPetrol, diesel

With each new generation of the SEAT Leon, the Spanish manufacturer is trying to attract the attention of more and more new customers. Initially, it was a traditional 5-door hatchback, no smaller than the traditional European C-class.

Skoda Leon has been designed with an eye for detail and offers a great drive. It combines a sports car's performance with a sedan's comfort. It has been beautifully styled and offers plenty of space in both the front and back seats. The interior is also spacious and well-equipped with features like heated seats, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, Wi-Fi hotspot, air conditioning etc.

In the reviews, the owners of this four-wheel beast positively comment on its handling: clear and quick reactions to the steering wheel and the quick change in the trajectory of movement are liked by everyone. Usually, 2012-2015 models can be found in the £10,000 range.

6. Mazda 2

Market price on a used car starts from£6,995
Monthly finance£166.5
Boot typeHatchback, MPV
Gearbox typeManual or automatic gearbox
FuelPetrol, diesel

This brand produces stylish, modern, and dynamic cars that quickly gain popularity and become bestsellers. And the most popular models include both the new Mazda 2 (2020 and younger) and its older versions.

Newer versions offer the owner a cruise control system, reversing cameras, an immobiliser, and a lot of other useful auxiliary electronics. The range includes 1.5-litre engines with direct injection technology for petrol models or 1.5-litre turbocharged Skyactiv D models with common rail pistons for diesel ones.

And if you're looking to buy a Mazda 2 after seeing it in the best used cars under 10,000 pounds list, look no further than the 2015-2017 models. They are quite new, but prices usually fluctuate around 6-8 thousand.

7. Kia Sportage

Market price on a used car starts from£7,800
Monthly finance£195.66
Boot typeSUV, convertible
Gearbox typeAutomatic, Manual
Doors3, or 5 depending on the model
FuelPetrol, diesel

The Kia Sportage has repeatedly been recognised as one of the most popular crossovers in the world, and in most ratings, it has consistently ranked second in terms of sales after the absolute bestseller Kia Rio. While the Sportage is often referred to as a compact vehicle, it certainly isn't a small car.

The interior is quite spacious, and this applies to both the rear seats and the front area — it's easy to find a comfortable driving position. The boot is of average capacity (491 litres), which is smaller than popular sporty Toyota models.

Speaking of used models, you should definitely check mile on the clock. For example, new models (2017-2021) with low mileage are unrealistic to find for less than £16,000. However, if you look at the 2016-2013 sports cars, prices start at £7,800.

8. Hyundai i20

Market price on a used car starts from£5,995
Monthly finance£142.7
Boot typeSuper-mini hatchback
Gearbox typeAutomatic, Manual

The Hyundai i20 is thought of as the quiet kid at school who accidentally became a rock star. Its styling has always seemed unremarkable, but that hasn't stopped the car from gaining a reputation for being incredibly practical.

There is only one engine available for the Hyundai i20 at the moment, and that is a 1.0-litre turbocharged three-cylinder petrol engine that features 48V mild-hybrid technology to help reduce fuel consumption. This engine develops 100 horsepower— ideal for the city!

The luggage compartment has a volume of 352 litres, which is a lot for a super-mini hatchback. There is enough space for three passengers in the back, as in standard five- and four-door cars. Speaking of price, it starts at £5,900+ (2016 and older models), but newer 2017-2018 models can be seen in the £10,000 range, too.

9. Kia Ceed

Market price on a used car starts from£3,700
Monthly finance£88.07
Boot typeHatchback, sports wagon, SUV
Gearbox typeAutomatic, Manual
FuelPetrol, diesel, hybrid

This is one of the best budget cars that combines convenience with an affordable price. Models from the beginning to the middle of the 2000s were produced with manual and automatic transmissions. It is a stylish, practical and affordable car that will suit your everyday needs. The Kia Ceed has been designed to be a high-quality and affordable compact car, which will suit you on a daily basis. It has been created with style in mind and its sleek appearance makes it stand out from the crowd.

But if you explore the market for new options, you can see that the powerful 1.4 T-GDI turbo engine has been “retired”. Its place was taken by the Smartstream 1.5 T-GDI unit with a capacity of 150 litres in combination with the 7DCT seven-speed dual-clutch automatic.

If you're interested in savings, you can find great 2009-2013 models in the £3,700-£7,995 range. If the driver wants to get the newest Kia Ceed model possible, but only has a budget of £10,000, then it is definitely worth exploring the options released in 2014-2017.

10. Skoda Fabia

Market price on a used car starts from£9,490
Monthly finance£225.89
Boot typeEstate, hatchback, sedan
Gearbox typeManual, Semi-auto
Doors4, or 5 depending on the model

Whether you choose an estate car, hatchback or sedan, there are plenty of great options in the UK ranging up to £10,000. From 2007 to 2014, this car consistently occupied top positions in the ranking of the best cars in different trim levels.

It is available in both diesel and petrol variants, with a wide range of engines to choose from. The model has been updated on a regular basis to keep up with the competition, but it still retains its original charm and simplicity.

The main advantages of the Skoda Fabia include the spaciousness of the cabin, both in the rear and in the driver's section. The car provides enough space in height and width so that even very tall or large adults feel comfortable. Plus, of course, it has a boot with a solid 315 litres and a good layout. The floor is low, and thanks to this, tall people fit perfectly.

11. BMW 3 Series

Market price on a used car starts from£1,995
Monthly finance£83.19
Boot typeSedan, Coupé, Convertible, Touring, Compact, M3
Gearbox typeAutomatic, Manual
Doors2, or 3, or 4, or 5, depending on the model
FuelPetrol, diesel

In general, the BMW 3 Series is often thought of as the god of comfort and sportiness! The car has long been a favourite in the global market. The 3 Series offers two smooth and powerful petrol engines — and the turbocharged powertrains deftly balance power and polish.

Inside, the vehicle has a modern design and incredibly high-quality finishing materials. The standard sportback seats are well-supported as well as highly adjustable, so you'll find it easy to get comfortable. In newer models, you’ll find a parking sensor and other cool additions.

Despite the fact that the price of a used BMW 3 Series can be quite low (in the region of £3,000 - £4,000), we’d recommend paying attention to the best newer models. For example, now you can find cars newer than 2013 with a price of £8,000 to £9,900 in excellent condition.

12. Dacia Duster

Market price on a used car starts from£4,995
Monthly finance£88.18
Boot typeSUV
Gearbox typeManual, Automatic
Seats5 or 7 depending on the model

The last member of the best cars in the sub-£10,000 range is the Dacia Duster. Launched in 2010, the vehicle has become one of the cheapest yet most reliable, compact SUV options.

The Dacia Duster is a cheap and cheerful crossover that's easy to drive, massively practical, and wears its budget price tag with pride. It might not win any prizes for refinement or style, but it makes up for it in other areas. Compared to other small crossover models like the Renault Captur, which can cost up to £10,000, we rate the Dacia Duster as a great bargain at under £10,000.

The Dacia Duster is a budget-friendly SUV that has been in the market for about four years. It comes with a 1.6 litre engine and is available in four-wheel drive and two-wheel drive configurations.

If you’re mainly going to drive around the city, then the power of the car is more than sufficient. On the other hand, the good clearance under the bottom makes the car suitable for driving in harsh terrain.


By researching the presented A-class cars, as well as options that fit under the category of powerful SUVs, you can easily choose a vehicle under £10,000. But even if you don’t have the money to hand, you can always contact Carplus.

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