Finding car finance for older cars

Roman Danaev

21 July 2023

If you're interested in financing an older car, you might be wondering about your options. Car finance for older vehicles is indeed possible, and it can be a practical solution to make your dream of classic car a reality. In this guide, we'll explore the ins and outs of car finance for older cars, helping you make informed decisions about your purchase.

Can you get finance on an old car?

Yes, you can definitely get finance for an older car! Lenders understand that older cars can still be valuable and reliable. However, keep in mind that the terms and conditions may differ compared to financing newer models. Lenders will consider the age of the car, its mileage, and overall value before approving the car finance.

At what age is a car considered old?

The classification of an "old car" can vary, but generally, it's a vehicle that is several years old. Most lenders consider cars over five years old as "old cars." However, some lenders may have different criteria, so it's essential to check with the specific lender you are considering.

How old can a car be to be bought with finance?

The age limit for financing a used car can vary among lenders, but it generally depends on the loan's length. For instance, if you opt for a 48-month car loan, the vehicle should be less than 8 years old at the start of the agreement and have less than 100,000 miles on it. For PCP car finance, you'll need to check with the specific provider for their criteria.

Typically, lenders prefer newer cars with lower mileage, as these vehicles hold their value better and are less likely to encounter mechanical issues. While the consensus among lenders is that cars older than 10 years might be less eligible for loans, some lenders may consider cars up to 12 years old.

Though older cars with over 100,000 miles might face challenges in getting an extended warranty, exceptions can be made by some lenders. It's best to reach out and discuss your specific situation to explore how we can assist you.

How to get car finance for older cars

Getting car finance for an older car is a straightforward process. Start by determining the type of finance agreement that suits you best, such as a PCP car finance or Hire purchase. Then, gather all necessary documentation, including proof of income and identification. Research different lenders and compare their offerings to find the one that fits your needs.

What type of finance is available when financing old cars

When financing older cars, you have several options. PCP finance and Hire purchase agreements are common choices, you can also consider a Personal loan. A personal contract purchase (PCP) finance agreement offers lower monthly repayments with a balloon payment at the end. Consider each option's advantages and drawbacks to make an informed decision.

Can I get classic car finance?

Yes, there are specialist finance providers who offer classic car finance through HP and PCP finance options. However, if you have a history of bad credit, it might be more challenging to find lenders willing to provide finance.

Is it worth financing an old car?

Whether financing an old car is worth it depends on your circumstances and preferences. Financing can make an older vehicle more affordable, but it's crucial to consider the car's condition, market value, and potential for regular servicing. If the used car still holds its value well and suits your needs, financing might be a smart choice.

In conclusion, car finance for older cars is possible and can be a sensible option for many buyers. Understanding the age limits set by lenders, exploring different finance agreements, and weighing the pros and cons will empower you to make a well-informed decision. At Carplus, we're here to assist you throughout the process, helping you find the best car finance options! Happy car loan hunting!

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