Is there PPI on car finance?

Roman Danaev

07 September 2023

Curious about PPI and car finance? We're here to explain. Let's uncover whether Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) is linked to car loans. In 2009, the UK stopped adding PPI to car finance deals due to how it was being sold. Many didn't realize they had it or didn't need it. Nowadays, there's something similar called loan/income protection from independent insurers for credit agreements, including car finance. If you got a car loan before 2011, it might have included PPI. Discover how PPI still matters in certain car finance situations.

What is PPI on car finance?

Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) in car finance was a safety net designed to offer reassurance. Back in the day, it was linked to various finance products, including car loans, with the goal of providing a fallback option if life took an unexpected turn.

Picture this: if you fell ill or lost your job and couldn't meet your car loan payments, PPI was there to catch you. It could temporarily cover your finance payments, acting as a financial buffer during tough times, such as redundancy. PPI worked in two ways: either added upfront to your car loan amount or paid as a separate monthly fee, and this addition upfront was actually prohibited in 2009.

Why was PPI car finance mis-sold?

PPI mis-selling often made the news in the UK. Before 2011, car finance loans often came bundled with other stuff, including PPI. But, investigations discovered problems. Sometimes, PPI was sold in the wrong way. People got it when they didn't need it, didn't realize it was in their loan, or couldn't even use it because of work or other reasons. It's like buying a coat on a sunny day – it didn't fit the situation. That's why PPI car finance got a bad rep. It's about making sure what you get is what you need.

Can you still claim if you were mis-sold PPI?

If you suspect you were mis-sold PPI, the compensation claiming window has mostly closed. Yet, some exceptions remain. You might have a shot if your PPI policy was sold after 29th August 2017 or if you initiated your claim before 29th August 2019. However, for claims involving car loans with PPI, the deadline has passed. Remember, if your PPI situation falls under the exceptions, there's still a chance to pursue your claim.

Is PPI still available from car finance companies?

Yes, PPI is still around, even though it got a lot of bad attention due to some issues. You might hear it called 'income protection' or 'loan protection' too. But things have changed since the fuss. Car finance companies can't just include it in your deal anymore. Now, you need to talk to a separate insurance company to get it. They can help you if you can't work by covering some of your money for about a year. So, while how you get PPI has changed, it can still help you in certain times.

Is PPI inherently bad?

It's not that simple. PPI got a bad name because of how it was sold. But was it all bad? Not exactly. PPI was meant to help when things got tough. The problem was that some people got it when they didn't need to. PPI itself isn't bad; it was how it was sold that caused trouble. Some folks found PPI helpful when they lost their job or got sick. So, it's a mix of good and bad. Deciding about PPI means thinking about both sides and how it could help you.

How do I know if I paid PPI on car finance?

Figuring this out is doable. First, check your car finance paperwork. Look for any mentions of PPI or insurance. If you're not sure, call your finance company and ask. They'll give you info on what you paid for. You can also dig into old bank statements or loan agreements. If you find 'payment protection' or 'loan protection' charges, that's a clue. Remember, it's about peace of mind. Don't hesitate to ask questions and find out if PPI was part of your car finance.

Should I consider taking out PPI on car finance?

It depends on you. If you worry about paying for your car loan if you can't work, PPI might help. But, check if you already have some coverage, like critical illness insurance.

If you think PPI is good for you, talk to an insurance company approved by the Financial Conduct Authority. You can also get advice from certified financial advisors.

Here's the thing: If you're concerned about managing loan payments when you're sick or can't work, PPI could be useful. But, it's based on your own money situation. If you're unsure, ask experts like certified financial advisors or insurers approved by the Financial Conduct Authority. They'll guide you if PPI is right for you.

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