How much is left on my car finance?

Roman Danaev

14 July 2021

Your monthly car finance agreement or car loan can go over a few years. After falling into a payment rhythm, it’s possible to forget how many you’ve already paid. Do you still have years left or only two more months?

The quickest way to answer that question is to contact your car finance lender. They have the information you’ll need and more. If they’re busy or otherwise inaccessible, there are other ways to figure out how much is left on car finance payments.

It is worth mentioning that if you want to terminate your finance contract you have to pay at least 50% of the total car loan amount.

Calculate it yourself

You can work out how many payments are left using these steps:

Find your copy of the car finance agreement and get familiar with the terms and information on the document – it will have all the information you need.

Locate the amount you borrowed and the amount of your monthly payment (including interest).

Using the date of your first payment, count how much time has passed until the present. You can also look at your bank statements if you have them available. Once you have the dates and amounts paid, total them up – this is your payment to date.

Remember to add interest to your initial loan amount to find out how much the final car loan costs. Subtract your payment to date from this number to figure out how much money you have left to pay on your car finance.

Online calculators

If you don’t feel like calculating it yourself, we have an online car finance calculator for you to use. The calculator is free of charge and accurately tells you your outstanding balance. You will use information from your car finance agreement, such as the loan amount, how much you pay monthly, and payments made to date. Put this information into the calculator and get your outstanding amount in minutes.

Car finance calculator

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